God is in control!

Psalm 104:1 (GNTD), Psalm 104:9 (GNTD), Psalm 104:24 (GNTD), Psalm 104:27 (GNTD), Psalm 104:28 (GNTD), Psalm 104:29 (GNTD)

Take some time today and think of the vastness of God’s creation!

Consider as we reflect on this Psalm what God has made and the boundaries he has put in place.

The natural enviroment (nature)
v9: After the great flood God promised never to flood the world again. Often we get scared as to all that we hear of natural disasters that happen all around us which is part of a fallen creation awaiting to be made new when all of God’s people are gloriously revealed in Christ Jesus. Until then the whole of creation suffers! Yet! God has boundaries in place to which will not be crossed! Take heart he is in control!

Natural Provision (V17, 18, 21, 27,28)
Why do we tend to worry so much about our life? Consider Jesus words in Matthew’s Gospel, “Why worry about tomorrow… …the birds of the air have food and clothes… …so how much more will your heavenly father clothe you” (own words)
This song we read today expresses beautifully God’s natural provision to all he has made! What is the key? v27: dependance on God – this brings both provision and complete satisfaction!
However, the opposite is expressed in v29 “turning away” from God’s provision brings: firstly fear and secondly the consequence is a lack of life!
Praise God though because that is NOT what the LORD wants – he doesn’t want to leave us in LACK! v30 BUT when He gives BREATH (life) you are created – you have life!!!

Today allow yourself to trust in HIS provision to breath new life into you today! Consider areas in your life where you are fearful, ask God to help you to depend on him today to know that he is ultimately in control as you learn new dependancy on him today.


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