The best thing since sliced bread!

Psalm 105:1 (GNTD), Psalm 105:2 (GNTD), Psalm 105:3 (GNTD), Psalm 105:4 (GNTD), Psalm 105:12 (GNTD), Psalm 105:42 (GNTD), Psalm 105:43 (GNTD)

It’s all about community! Where does community ultimately start? How does the sense of belonging create a real atmosphere of joy, peace and security that lasts the generations?

Reflecting on this psalm first consider v3, “Be glad that we belong to him” and the rest of this song recounts the reason and purpose of what it means to belong to the community of God!

vv5-6 Remember testimonies and miracles from what God did in rescuing you out of egypt!

vv7-11; The promise, a covenant sealed promise is absolutely secure! To inhabit the land.

v12-15; Even feeling isolated and alone God is still for His people!

vv16-20; God’s rescue plan set in motion

and so on…. God is always faithful to his people who know that they belong to him!

Where do you belong today? Do you have a sense of belonging to the people of God? Keith Green said a well known phrase: “Going to church doesn’t make you a christian no more than going to macdonalds makes you a hamburger” that is true but I would requalify that statement:

going to church, being part of a community of God’s people makes a christian – in other words being with like minded people builds faith, reflects His character and His ways in his church through his people – together making a difference to the nations! It’s why v1. says, “… tell the nations what he has done!”

Hey Church you, yes you belong to tell others that others see belonging to him is, literally, the best thing er since sliced bread!!!


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