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It has been ages since I’ve been able to write on my blog, and for those who have appreciated my devotions in psalms well hopefully I’ll get back to that soon! So what has been happening this last three months or so…

Spirit Radio move
Some late nights and long hours involved in moving a radio station from dublin city to Bray in Co. Wicklow. To nice shiny new (well at least to us) studios sharing with a local station East Coast FM. We officially switched our transmission smoothly to the new studio at around 10:30pm on Saturday 27th October. Still a few niggly things to sort out in the transition to new studios but we’re getting there! At the sametime of switching studios we switched on a new transmitter for Bray, reaching Greystones (neighbouring town).

Oldcastle, Broadcast workshop (transition year students, 15-16 yr olds)
The week before we moved radio station I had a wonderful opportunity to do a broadcast workshop with Ollie (Spirit Radio afternoon presenter). We spent the whole school day with the students presenting a history of radio, how to make a good programme, what makes a presenter, team work and then getting them into groups to produce their own 10 minute show piece. It proved to be a really successful day and look forward as to how we can develop further.

Christmas Itinerary
I’m looking forward to taking a week off to Dorset the week 2 – 9 December, looking forward to visitng family and friends. Please if you’re around this week and in the bournemouth area do mark in your diary and let me know would really love to meet up with as many people as possible – coffee shops are always good!!! I’m building my itinerary currently and I hope also to get down to Torquay!

Church life
If you would like to check out the church I’m involved in then are new website is now live at I am excited to be part of leading out in All age services and pioneering the children’s ministry and trusting that in the new year we’ll be in a position to start new clubs for 8 to 14’s. This Christmas I will be leading the all age service on 16th December, and then we’re hopefully running Manger Mania production – which I first did when I was in Maidenhead church, Berkshire.

swopping the car for a bicycle
As I write I now have no car! Recently I had to scrap the car which is not a bad thing just was really not cost effective in keeping it as it was both too expensive to run as well as fix. Currently I now have a bicycle so after 20 years I’m back on pedal power – and I have to say the roads are so different now! I understand why people cycle on pavements now, the roads are just too scarey!!! Sorry not got a picture yet of me on a bike but will do soon hopefully! It’s not to say I don’t plan to get a car again, but as my mechanic said, “It’s about time we found you a decent car that lasts for longer than 8 months!” Yes I think he has a point there, so gonna wait!

Other news…
I am so greatful to God for bringing me to Ireland. At the start of the year, Father God reminded me how at the age of 10 or 11, was when he first put Ireland on my heart and it was ever since that time I have always had an interest in the nation. How amazing is it to be part of a national christian radio station in the nation and what a privalege it is to broadcast myself! As we head into 2013 I hope to refocus my time – had hoped to do this at the beginning of september yet with spirit radio moving later than first anticipated this all changed – the Lord is leading me to develop networks, help resource young leaders and be equipped to reach the nation. To this end I will be looking at the best way to resource this call whether it’s through setting up a UK trust fund, or going self-employed again. Please pray with me for wisdom in this.

Amplifi Radio > internet radio network
Due to committments here in Ireland I’ve had to drop servicing Amplifi Radio for the time being. I do hope as part of refocusing along with the website to relaunch this. Already I know since doing the workshop with Ollie last month that there is a real niche for this. I guess at the end of the day it’s time and energy needed and the right people to partner with!

Youth Work Connect
Blogging is something I need to do more off, thank you for your encouragement regarding my devotional blogs. I have taken the decision to rebrand to as it better portrays what we want to achieve. I’m hoping that by the end of the year this will be fully transisitoned and working! The aim is still to give organisations and teams their own blog connected in with the main site! If you’d like a blog for your youth ministry team then do let us know.

That’s it for this update, I’ll include some more pictures just as soon as I can!

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