Life is hard but…

    Devotion from Psalm 110

Ok so life feels like a constant battle: hard times all around, financial hard ship, so called friends and colleagues poking fun or giving you a hard time?

Sound familliar?

Well folks we are in a battle whether we like it or not! But guess what if you belong to Jesus you’re on the winning side!

This psalm is a proclomation at the start of a King’s reign in succession of David to the Messiah! Looking forward to the future; hope found in Messiah, The Christ, his name is Jesus!

v7 simply drawers my attention; “from the stream along the road he drinks: then lifts up his head!”

In a battle or when faced with life’s daily challenges one thing we always need is continual refreshment & renewal so that we can continue in our way in the strength God gives us! (Lift up your head)

How are you being refreshed this day to help you face life’s daily tasks and battles?

Take time out with your Father God today at the start and allow yourself to be refreshed and renewed in his strength then you can go walk tall and lift your head!

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