Overcoming Life’s circumstances

Earth Day - Earth Under Water 112/365
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Reflections from Phillippians 4:4-8
A consequence of knowing real peace, starts with gentleness of heart & contentment out of a joy of knowing “The Lord is near” (v5)

When life’s circumstances get the better of us or we allow those thoughts of “everyone’s against me” breeds the opposite of peace and contentment!

A key to addressing wrong thinking is simply in everything (especially the thing that cause us stress and anxiety) to bring them to Father God and to:
1. Rejoice always, not in your situation necessarily, sure that can be hard sometimes – but to rejoice in the Lord all the time – He changes not! (v4)
2. Know the Lord is near! He is with you totally, He has never left your! You can turn to him today! (v5b)
3. Talk to the Lord about your situation, life your circumstances – realize this! He is actually interested in YOU! (v6)
4. meditate on those things that give you life (v8)
5. Do you have a mentor? someone to disciple you and help you grow? One to One support? (v9)


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