Know you are in a secure place!

Psalm 27 | Relying totally on God and know no fear!

Do you remember, perhaps as a kid, when you were in that place of safety? Perhaps high up looking down on the enemey? Or in a secure place looking out to that bully? In that secure place you have the confidence to mock, to taunt even laugh at the bully knowing they can’t touch you!

Now, take a look where you are placed!

Know this today: (v5)
God has raised you up in a secure place! He has you in his shelter in a place your enemey can’t reach!

Know victory in dwelling in Him: (v6)
– bring your prayers of intercession and thanksgiving with joy!
– Talk to him, He is listening v7
– He is teaching you how to live v11
– You are not abandoned, but loved! v10
– You are highly favoured, v. 13

So when you feel the enemey is pressing in from everyside know you are in the place your enemey can’t reach! In Him you are safe! Because of Jesus you can stand firm!

Trust and rely upon God! You can be strong and confident in whatever situation you find yourself in! (v13-14)

Dear Father,
Thank you that whenever I am feeling low or in situations where it feels like a real battle, help me today to enter into that place of safety with you. To take refuge in that high place where I can look down at the enemey and know I have authority to resist and rebuke because of the sacrifice your Son Jesus made on the cross I can live for you! Take me to new levels of fully trusting and relying on you. In Jesus name, Amen.


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