God’s kingdom restoration starts with….

Restoration begins with you & me!

It is nothing new for human nature to want to know of the future! In this case the coming kingdom! Even the disciples getting caught up in the spectacular moment with Jesus before his returning to heaven wonder when the kingdom will be restored? (v6)Even today, it seems at every major turning point in history questions have been asked, books written on the question of the return of Christ! Escotology is studied, researched and reflected on even though in actual fact the times and dates are not ACTUALLY that important!! (v7)

What is important is this, and it is a big BUT….

instead live today in the power of the Holy Spirit and you will be a witness locally, nationally and globally!

So often we look to Jesus returning when in actual fact our focus is on today, on now and living in the power of the Holy Spirit! Jesus told his disciples to gather and wait to be clothed with Holy Spirit power!

Does that not then become our focus? Living his kingdom on earth as it is in heaven? That through you and me clothed with power we might be restored and lead others to that restoration to know the king of kings and lord of lords?!? His name is Jesus!

Lord today, help me not to worry about the future and what it could be, but to live today in the power of your holy spirit that I may see your kingdom restored and Lord start with me. Amen.



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