Being too busy or pre-occupied

King Solomon asked for wisdom from God to be King. It seems to me the consequence of gaining wisdom he has become pre-occupied with human existance!I am so greatful to Ecclesiastes it kind of brings us back down to earth whilst at the same time reminding us if we focus too much on our human existance we get tired, feeling of what’s the point! 

Perhaps the lesson here is:

Are we trying to look to hard for all that we have accomplished or the possibilities and vision yet too accomplish? 

If that makes you feel burdoned or pre-occupied with feelings of giving up or inadaquacy, well that’s kinda good but don’t stay in that position!

Instead take your burdens back to God. Jesus said to cast your burdens on to him because he cares for you! (Ps. 55:22, 1 Pt. 5:7) Without Jesus sustaining us everything is futile, but with him the eternal value is radically changed and transformed as we allow Him to lead us!

If today you’re feeling pre-occupied with feelings of overload or being overwhelmed then the answer is simply take those things and bring them to the feet of Jesus. Ask for his help to know what to and what not to move forward with!




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