Thanks @0livia_kh for this wonderful picturePsalms 118:5-7, 23, 29 (NET)

I am reminded of an old Kids Sunday School song, it goes something like this:-

“Whose side are you leaning on?
I’m leaning on the Lord’s side…
… I lean, I lean, I lean, I lean, leaning on the Lord’s side!”

As a child we use to call it Eileen’s song ’cause of the chorus.

When we are stressed it feels like we are hemmed in, everyone is too close or invading our space. Distress or stress gives that clostrophobic feeling and “get me out of here” though it is all to overwhelming to go anywhere! Can you relate to that? I know I can at times.

Notice some of the key verses in this song (psalm):

v.5; out of distress the thing to do is Call on the Lord – to me that is not just a quiet call, but banging on the door, shouting and desparation “Lord help!”

What is the Lord’s answer?
‘Set me free… …in a wide and open space!’
The Lord desires to bring perspective in your life moving from a feeling of being hemmed in to that of freedom and perspective that only He can bring!

Then look at the next few verses:

Know God is on your side (v7)
Your desires (that God put in your heart) will be established!

v8. Think God is speaking to me hear! God gives vision and it is so easy to become bogged down with human circumstance or let-downs – when our focus needs to be brought back into that wide-open space to receive the freedom in Christ, take refuge, confidence and security from Father God rather than in human circumstances!

Don’t know about you but right now I really need to hear this!

Dear Father God,
Sorry for focusing on my lack of knowledge, listening to human circumstance or people telling me I can’t do this thing you have birthed in me. Lord bring me into that wide open space so I can see with your perspective and move forward in your strength and Lord bring like-minded people around me to share in the vision you put in me to fan into flame your purposes in us! In Jesus precious name, Amen.

Lean on Him! You can trust Him totally!

Thank you @0livia_kh: for the picture found using #psalm118



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