New Star Trek TV Series coming in 2017

I’ve just learnt some very exciting news for trekky fans! yes CBS are returning to our TV screens a brand new Star Trek, promising new heroes, new villians and new worlds. It’s been some 11 years since the last Star Trek ended going out with something of a whimper that was Enterprise.

So this new series promises to bring a Star Trek Revival perhaps. The new show will be called Star Trek Discovery and it’s maiden voyage will debut in the US in January 2017. For the rest of us, the good news it looks like netflix have the rights to 188 countries including the UK & Ireland.

So what do you think? Will it be a winner? Did you like Enterprise or stop watching after Voyager or Deep Space Nine? At least it seems that this new series will attempt to bring Star Trek to a new generation of trekkies, whilst perhaps keeping with the original idea from Gene Roddenberry, maybe?

Personally I look forward to this and can’t wait to see the new cast, new characters and the new star ship discovery.


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