Mid Summer Update

Can you believe it, we're at the mid summer point!?! Don't know about you I never look forward to this time of the year, not because it's almost around my birthday, but because the summer will be drawing back with the onslaught of autumn coming ;-(.Puting that aside, it's also a positve time for me, … Continue reading Mid Summer Update

The heart God’s Community – Church

Follow me on twitter, #retreatinmadrid Reflections on James 3:17-18 James sums up in an absolute nutshell God's heart for His community - the Church! How often do you allow yourself to worry more about what others think of you? Getting on with others is not a fruit of worrying what others think of you! Likewise … Continue reading The heart God’s Community – Church

What are you boasting about?

Psalm 106:1 (NET), Psalm 106:2 (NET), Psalm 106:3 (NET), Psalm 106:4 (NET), Psalm 106:5 (NET), Psalm 106:43 (NET), Psalm 106:44 (NET), Psalm 106:45 (NET), Psalm 106:47 (NET), Psalm 106:48 (NET) Have you ever wondered what loyalty and boasting has in common? v5 Jumps out at me in this psalm! A call to boast about those … Continue reading What are you boasting about?