Mid Summer Update

Can you believe it, we’re at the mid summer point!?! Don’t know about you I never look forward to this time of the year, not because it’s almost around my birthday, but because the summer will be drawing back with the onslaught of autumn coming ;-(.Puting that aside, it’s also a positve time for me, as aproaching the autumn I enter into the 5th year of being here in Ireland. I am so blessed with the opportunities ahead of me and the privalege I have working in Spirit Radio both in technical support and broadcasting! God is so good!

Not having a car and being on my bike has been really good. I would really like to do a sponsored bike ride to raise money for outside broadcast capability for Spirit Radio – would you sponsor this if I did it?

Although not having a car is good, I am at the point of realising over the last few months I really need a vehicle, I live a tab far out to make public transport easy, and then theirs moving equipment around. So I am earnestlly hoping to get a car soon, saving and prayer. I am aware there is something around the corner. 

August I’m in the middle of planning a community fun day with my church for middle of August in the community faccility where we meet as a church. should be fun – aiming for 17th August including a messy style church on the sunday, and we’re going to be joined with a team from YWAM Hawaii which should be cool.

Then at the end of August till mid september I have holiday time, wahey, mixed in with a conference for Christian Music Broadcasters in Orlando, Florida – so excited!

I continue to broadcast on Spirit Radio, usuallly popping up on Saturdays between 5 & 8pm but increasingly this may change over the coming months doiinng relief presenting to cover people being away. 

Should have autumn news soon… Big news… 🙂 but then lets not think about autumn to early while it’s still summer!

Love ya x


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