Do you sometimes feel like God has forgotton you, or rather taking more notice of everyone else around you? Compare God's loyalty and his love compared to the god's of this age around you! Today people pay homage to god's of celebrity following, technology and even education and success to name just a few.

God’s amazing loyalty to His people

Psalm 107:1 (NET), Psalm 107:12 (NET), Psalm 107:13 (NET), Psalm 107:2 (NET), Psalm 107:43 (NET), Psalm 107:8 (NET) Giving thanks is not merely an act that we should take for granted but one of heartfelt joy as to what we've been or going through to declaring our future hope! Amazing things! A good way to... Continue Reading →

What are you boasting about?

Psalm 106:1 (NET), Psalm 106:2 (NET), Psalm 106:3 (NET), Psalm 106:4 (NET), Psalm 106:5 (NET), Psalm 106:43 (NET), Psalm 106:44 (NET), Psalm 106:45 (NET), Psalm 106:47 (NET), Psalm 106:48 (NET) Have you ever wondered what loyalty and boasting has in common? v5 Jumps out at me in this psalm! A call to boast about those... Continue Reading →

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