Psalms 115:1-16 (NET)

Do you sometimes feel like God has forgotton you, or rather taking more notice of everyone else around you?

Compare God’s loyalty and his love compared to the god’s of this age around you! Today people pay homage to god’s of celebrity following, technology and even education and success to name just a few.

However, what is it that lasts forever? When all else fails what is it that is still standing?

v9: call to God’s people: trust in the Lord — as deliverer and protector!

When we trust in Him I notice a couple of things happen:

1. The Lord takes notice of us (v12) imagine Him sitting up and watching you! even in those times you feel alone – just keep trusting Him!
2. He will bless us. Notice here the blessing is not just individual but together with the whole house – He will bless you individually for sure, but even more you will be blessed when you are part of His people. Get with a good fellowship or Church if you’re not already because it’s also in that context he will bless!
3. He will increase your numbers! (v14) here rejoice that the Lord will bless and enlargen your vision – keep trusting him He will widen your boundaries! whether that is in your family, your church or your job.

Finally I see a couple of warnings here:
(v17) don’t look to things passed, don’t say to yourself, if only I was like so and so, or I should’ve done that. That is dead! picture here the dead can’t praise the Lord, so don’t hope for things past, but continue to trust in what the Lord is doing now!

Keep looking to the God in heaven! His loyalty and faitfulness is always with you! Keep trusting Him! He is sitting up and watching you!



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