Merchandising is not fruit!

Have you ever got somewhat dissallusioned with the seemingly excessive branding and merchandising of Christian ministries? I wonder what would the Lord make of the branding and clever merhandising programmes in some of our churches and ministries? This passage (Mark 11:20-25) is full of prophetic imagery and pictures as it refers the state of the … Continue reading Merchandising is not fruit!

Amazed or Perplexed?

Matthew 12:22-37 Do you rejoice in seeing good things happen to others? What is your reaction when you see people get healed in Jesus name? This is the subject of this passage. Two groups of people in the crowd watching and saw Jesus miraculously cure a blind and dumb man! Most of the people were … Continue reading Amazed or Perplexed?

Living with Integrity and purpose

Reflections on Ephesians 4:17-32 Today's society is full of dualistic approach to life. On a sunday or when I'm with Christian friends, I behave as I should, but then on the other days of the week or away from Christian people, I live like anyone else in the world. Integrity is a heart matter: v23-24: … Continue reading Living with Integrity and purpose