Living with Integrity and purpose

Reflections on Ephesians 4:17-32

Today’s society is full of dualistic approach to life. On a sunday or when I’m with Christian friends, I behave as I should, but then on the other days of the week or away from Christian people, I live like anyone else in the world.

    Integrity is a heart matter:

v23-24: a key to living integrity; firstly that of being renewed. I love the way the Message puts this, “…take on an entirely new life, a life renewed from the inside and working itself into your conduct…” wow! How can we change but only as we are renewed from the inside out! The next part of this verse is important too, the MSG continues, “…as God accurately reproduces His character in You!!”l

Meditate on that for a moment!

How is God reproducing His character in you? What is changing? If this is happening in your life, YOU will NOT, surely, even have any desire to live a dualistic life, Christian one day and world the next!?!

In reality, therefore, living as a Christian, where your life has been changed from the inside out, will most likely make you feel uneasy when you find yourself in ungodly situations.

    Integrity comes from inside-out:


The other verse that jumps out at me in this passage is in the verses, v26-30; and notice these verses talk about how you use to behave and the contrast there should be with God’s character being fashioned in you and the difference it WILL make! v28 do your job with integrity “so that you can help others who can’t work” MSG

Finally living with integrity, your mind and heart is being renewed. v30 – “Don’t break his heart” as the MSG puts it If you are living the Spirit filled life know this, God is living and breathing in YOU! So how can anyone live a dualistic life if Christ is at work in your heart, unless you’re just paying lip-service to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords that is!

Allow Jesus to change you from the inside out today! Live with integrity everyday through the power of the Holy Spirit living in you!

Dear Father God,
Contnue to renew my mind today, change my thinking so that my heart and actions may be changed breaking habbits that break your heart and helping me to live a life walking in spirit and truth by your power working within me through your Holy Spirit breathing and flowing through me, in Jesus precious name. Amen.

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