Amazed or Perplexed?

Matthew 12:22-37

Do you rejoice in seeing good things happen to others? What is your reaction when you see people get healed in Jesus name?

This is the subject of this passage. Two groups of people in the crowd watching and saw Jesus miraculously cure a blind and dumb man! Most of the people were amazed (v.23) yet there was a small group of onlookers called Pharisees (v.24) those religious leaders set-out to trap Jesus. Were they cyncial because they were jealous? Did they want to be in the limelight and Jesus was aledgedly stealing it from them?

Is there a move of God in your town? Are you seeing people getting free? Or are you jealous that it’s happening in another church rather than yours?

God’s Holy Spirit is working amongst people to drawer them to know the Father through Christ Jesus and know what it is to live in freedom from sin. To bring freedom from all kinds of affliction so that they can LIVE!

When you hear or see what God is doing whether it’s amongst your Church or with another Church, Do you:
1. Stand amazed and rejoice with them, or;
2. Become cynical and stand in judgement?

Standing in judgement gives room for Satan to enter into your life and tie you up and it just makes things worse! (v.30 MSG)

Instead rejoice in what God is doing through His Spirit otherwise you’re just making it worse!

Father God,
Give me eyes today to see what you are doing by the Power of your Holy Spirit. Forgive me for through lack of understanding being jealous or cynical, but instead to rejoice and bless what you are doing and give thanks that you are working through your people. Open my eyes, this day, to see the opportunities you give me to step out in faith to bind up the strong man weather it’s prayer for someone who is sick or just needs to know your comfort through a timely word. Lord Jesus I trust you today. Amen.


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