Am I the only one?

Many Christian believers often feel like they’re the only ones in their work place, school or college. This psalm of David opens with “where have all the faithful gone?” you get a sense that the writer here felt he was the only one following God’s ways.

When you feel like you’re the only one with everyone around you slandering or speaking inappropriately of their neighbours, friends or colleagues or school mates how does that make you feel? Do we allow these words to have ‘mastery’ over us and join in? The alternative is to join with the heart of Father God (v5,6) recognising the needs of people for knowing a saviour, seeing God’s promises are sure – his words are life giving, they don’t tear down!

Listen to His words today for the people you meet, ask him to help you see through the lies that hinder people from receiving salvation and allow God’s love to show you something of his heart. Trust him to day to give you words of life for people and receive them yourself into your spirit!

Do not conform to the pattern of this world but instead be transformed yourself – that starts in your thinking about yourself! Love yourself! Know God loves you! And love others!

Psalm 12
Romans 12:2


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