Healthy Associations

Psalm 16

Consider the contrast referred in this psalm of good & bad associations. What does the Lord say to you about who you spend most of your time with? Are you encouraged to live in a place of safety? Do you find yourself being built up in away which brings out the best in you? When trouble comes where do you run for help?

V5. You alone are my portion…

This psalm relates well to real life. All around us we will have people running after other gods which bring about ultimately a false hope, a false sense of security and confusion. Where should we seek good counsel from? First and foremost it is God we can run to for safety and secondly seek healthy associations with Godly people you trust (v3).

Take time today to hear His word to you! “You will make known to me the path of life… In him there is full joy… By his hand you will know real contentment forever!” v11 (own paraphrase)

Find a place where you can go and ‘take refuge in him’ tell him how you feel, your concerns, hurts… Confess ‘you alone are all i need, help me seek you’ bring each pain and hurt one at a time to Him allow Jesus to take the burden from you – Let His love overwhelm you as He shows you his perspective; also, examine your associations and If you don’t have good accountable friendships already take time to ask God to show you who you can go to in your life!


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