Wonderful Ways

Psalm 17

Why don’t we talk to God as much as we should? I’m challenged as I read this just how much more I need to pray! v6, “I am praying to you, because I know you will answer, oh God…” (NLT) – the next verse, “Show me your unfailing love in wonderful ways.”

Prayer is natural response to needing a relationship with God!
David recognised:
1/ his need (v1) as king the responsibility on his own was too big!
2/ clean heart (v2,3). In Jesus we know sins are forgiven we can be right with God! (1 John 1:9)
3/ walking in truth (v4,5) Holy Spirit gives us power to live differently the law is written on our hearts (John 14:21 – if you love me you will obey me)

Now get life in perspective! V9ff David knew he could trust the Lord in everything!especially with his enemies!

In prayer consider vv 6-8;

1/ know the Lord will hear you! He loves to hear you talk to him!! (v6)
2/ ask God to show his unfailing love in wonderful ways as you go about today! (v7)
3/ know just how much God is for you not against you! (v8)

Write down today the different ways you see His love revealed to you!


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