Apointed & Anointed

As I reflect on Psalm 18. It is clear that King David is pretty happy, I can imagine him dancing around in adoration to celebrate God releasing him from the persecution under Saul!

What is King David rejoicing in? V50 gets my attention – he gives his anointed great victories and shows his unfailing love!Just before King David sings out! (v46) “The Lord lives, praise be to God of my salvation” the one & only one who saved David from his enemy!

Who today is the anointed one? Where is our enemy? How can we know that we are safe?

King Jesus is anointed far above all rulers and authorities. He has saved us from our enemy! The bible talks about sin is what separates us from God, by definition sin is an action ‘away from God’ it’s all about me me me – God I don’t need you! The punishment, not because God wants to punish us, but a consequence of walking away from God is death – lost for eternity away from God. Another way of looking at sin is rebellion against God and against the promises he desires for you!

The enemy (Satan) tries his utmost to entice you away from God with lies, false hope or just plain ol’ deception!

At the cross Jesus defeated Satan once and for all – we no longer have to listen to his lies!

Today if you hear God’s voice do not harden your heart like when you were living in rebellion saying “God I don’t need you,” but instead turn to the Lord. Confess your sin before him and ask him to show you how you can live like King David in victory and I’m sure you’ll be dancing all the way home!

And how much more if we’re living in Christ has he anointed us to be overcomes, live in victory and radiate his unfailing love! Live today as his appointed anointed ambassador!

Here’s a prayer for you today:

Dear Lord,
I see today that I have listened to the enemy’s lies. No more. Lord Jesus from today I desire to listen to you I confess my heart has been away from you and today Lord please reveal yourself to me. Show me your unfailing love that I may know how to live in away that brings joy to you.



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