The signs are good but, why me?

Reading – Exodus 4:1-17

Ya gotta love Moses in these early days! How so human he was, yet God saw in him the great possibilities! How many excuses did Moses make?

  1. What if they don’t listen to me or believe what I’m saying… (v1)
  2. I’m not good with words (v10)
  3. Send someone else please (v13)

Even if at this stage and the beginning of God’s call to moses, he didn’t believe in himself and his ability God did!

At every stage of Moses doubt God had a support mechanism in place – even the very last one when Moses tried God’s patence!

I wonder what excuses you’re making today? I think I’ve probably made those same excuses in my life that moses made they’re all very human and real excuses offered when we feel insecure in what is either being asked of us or the person asking!

At every stage of God calling Moses note this: God believed in him!

Today God believes in you! Whatever he asks of you – you can do in Hiis strength!

ok, in the early days our insecurity, like moses, gets the better of us. Yet as we learn to grow and lean upon God, we get to know who he is, his character and his ways – that is what turned moses into the man of God he became!

Father God forgive me when I’ve made excuses for what you’re calling me too. Forgive me for my own insecurity, help me instead to grow in understanding of who you are and to understand more fully just how much you are for me even when I feel inadequate that instead I lean into you. In Jesus precious name, Amen.


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