There is much said about life-coaching, which I certainly wouldn’t knock for sure it’s useful to sit down with a dedicated life-coach to help you work out your life’s direction.

The question is then where does our ultimate authority come from for our direction?

Who is our ultimate life-coach?

v3 talks about human beings – sure they have good ideas, but merely here today and gone tomorrow – I really like the msg translation says “…who know nothing of … salvation life” in other words those people you go to for coaching do they understand life from an eternal perspective?

Our ultimate hope, coaching for life must be in God – just look at the amazing things he’s done – He made the sky, earth, sea, all the fish!

When we put our HOPE in God we know REAL blessing – not merely a blessing based on chance but that of certainty!!

Is Jesus Lord of your life today? Allow the Lord God to direct your life to be your ultimate life-coach!

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