Impressed? (Psalm 147)

It seems these days all about who you’ve impressed? We try to win approval and seek to impress or expect to be impressed as a major motivating factor for how we make life choices and then somehow in the world’s eyes that is good and satisfying!?!

However, what is really pleasant, good and pleasing? How can we know real satisfaction?

Two things:
1/ (v10) God is not impressed in your show of strength, or in how good you are in public!
2/ (v11) God, that is YAWEH, takes much delight in his faithful people those who enjoy and wait for him!

But why? What then is the focus? v2, has a key God, Yahweh, is a rebuilder, he’s a repairer of broken walls. Can he do it? The evidence is seen all around us, see v4-5, Yes he can!

There is a reason to sing praise to Father God this morning! Give thanks to him, trust him, he is in the business of ‘rebuilding’ you and will ALWAYS show his love and faithfulness to you, will you to Him? Be impressed by what he is doing not in your own might, circumstances or others!

Through the cross of Christ, God sent his only son so that you might believe and come to that safe place of knowing God, Yaweh, is on your side! Sins forgiven, With Christ, together your life is and is being renewed day by day!



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