Wake UP Ireland, Youth Conference

It’s been a full-on weekend, partnering with and representing Spirit Radio at Ireland’s first national youth conference organised by Solid Rock Church, Dublin. It all started Friday evening and for me together with DJ Toto Delmonte ran the late night music, dance and games. It’s been a while since I’ve led anything like this with teenagers and have to say at the start I was wondering if I can still do it?!? Trusting in God’s grace, and the experience of years of working with young people, the Lord proved to be faithful and I was able to lead a somewhat energetic evening of dance, music and games. I did go somewhat crazy and the young people seem to enjoy.On the saturday I had an opportunity to share about Spirit Radio for 5 minutes, perhaps took a bit longer, er whoops, and focused on one of our new programmes staring in a couple of weeks focusing on real questions young people face hosted by Danny J on Monday nights from 10.

Then in the afternoon I ran a workshop entitled, How can God use you in radio? Only for an hour shared on my experiences of entering into radio and hopefully encoutaging some first steps and what the young people can do to develop new skills.

Sunday morning service closed the conference with the band Remission Flow leading the music. Great guys and girls passionate with a heart after God, we play their songs on Spirit Radio and particularly the song, “The Father’s Love” which is a real powerful song about what the Father has done in sending his son to die on the cross for us.

Overall it was a great weekend and hopefully the start of further conference gatherings in ireland for young people. And it would be great to see a much wider audience for next year in 2014 with a wider number of churces participating.

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