What is unforgettable?

What is unforgetable in your life? Perhaps that dynamic moment at work, school or college?

The moment you fell in love or started a new, as facebook calls it, a Life-Event is always engrained on your mind and permanently in your heart!

(Devotions from Psalm 111)
In this psalm I’m dawn to v4,
“His miracles are unforgetable. The Lord is kind and merciful.” (NCV)
Take some time to look back and see the miracles in your own life, and of people around you as well as in your community! 
Remember these things, stamp them in your heart as you acknowledge God’s miracles in your life, because;
v2-3, “The Lord does great things; those who enjoy them seek them. What he does is glorious and spledid, and his goodness continues forever.
The psalmist here exorts us to daily seek the great things that God is doing! Its the key to living well, to live daily with respect for the Lord, seek his miracles – the good things he is doing! Walk in these good things and surely goodness and mercy will follow you all the days of your life! (ps.23)
Dear Father God,
Thank you for the little miracles I’ve seen in my life in the past, present and help me to live daily in such away that both expects and seeks out your miracles in my life. That your breath in me may be unforgettable and burst out to others that cross my path. In Jesus most precious name, Amen.



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