Leadership & Humility

Church leadership have a huge responsibility. For me I’ve never taken that responsibility likely. Our focus is always on the Chief Shepherd (v4) as it’s his will we are seeking.

(Reflections from 1 Peter 5:5-9)
Consider the elders or those responsible in Church with leadership, it is not them alone but that of hearing from Jesus so that with humility they server the body:

– with humility (5-6)
– casting your cares upon him (v7)

How do we serve in humility?

by realising that on my own, in my own strength I can’t do it! In humblng ourselves we ‘cast our cares’ on Him

The opposite of that in church, and especially amongst leaders, is burn out because we do it in our own strength. A disfunction of a family is thinking I can do it all with outside help!

A symptom is failure to cast your cares on him, pride is the biggest killer of humility and how many times does God say he ‘opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble’!!

Instead live in humility, know your limitations, allow others to know you for who you really are, not what you think you should show, and then look to the Chief Shepherd and cast your cares on HIm – those cares and concerns you have for those you are leading – let Him truly lead you!

Realize this: there are people following you! Your responsibility as a leader is to point them to Jesus not at yourself!

And in all things consider hardship – pray for the suffering chuch around the world  #prayforpersecutedchurch – heaing their stories helps us to realize how much more we need to depend on the Lord as our Chief shepherd, our cornerstone!

Father God, deal with my pride and help me to lead with a servant’s attitude, to daily cast my cares, concerns upon you so that daily I may hear and follow after your leading. Amen.

Note: featured image used courtesy of Rev. Andy Gray at OneGrayDot.com


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