Being content in the season you’re in

Being content in your season, now!

What season are you in at the moment?

When I look back on my life I recognise there is different seasons in my life for different needs, whether it’s working with children, teenagers or just doing behind the scenes work. All of which has been ‘beautiful in it’s time’ even though at times, all I could think of was  “God get me out of here!”

Whenever or whatever season we find ourselves in, whether it’s good, harsh or plain right difficult I’m reminded from this scripture of things that keep us going and learn contentment:

1. Look for the beauty in what you’re doing right now, perhaps in people around you, circumstances – different situations cause us to grow and challenge really understand what it means to have faith in God! (v11)

2. contentment comes from realising eternity is real, there’s a natural yearning in our heart to achieve something of lasting value. The season we’re in right now is temporary in the light of eternity, yet we can’t see the big picture like God can he knows the beginning from the end! So trust him and learn to trust him more! (v11)

3. Be happy! Do good! Find satisfaction in the little things not just the big things and do it well! Ask God for a different perspective in what you do today – satisfaction and being happy is a gift He desires to give you.

Father God help me this day to find contentment even in the little things. To look for beauty even in the things I find difficult whether in my relatinships or duties. And above all motivate me this day with a renewed vigour of satisfaction that I may live happy so that others may see and wonder and enquire of you. In Jesus name, Amen.




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