Hope Defined

31 days of hope, a dash of truth sprinkled with gratitude

What am I passionate about?

Hebrews 6:11-12 (NET)

Taste and see! Press in because of the hopeyou have in Christ Jesus!

Hope defined:
> is passionate
> is eager
> persevere’s with faith
> is looking forward

What of the hope that we have as Christians:it’s real, it’s not a ‘maybe’ or ‘might happen’ but steadfast sure and an almighty YES!

On that note, after tasting this hope for real how can anyone back track and deny it? And surely, with hope like that there’s plenty to get passionate about! What you’re doing right now in the light of this hope ask yourself how does it change my perspective?

Dear Father God, Help me today to live in the hope that you call me to in Christ Jesus, not to take it for granted but to see the realities of the hope that I have both now and in the future – glory! To persevere even in those times that weigh me down that I may put my eyes more fully on Jesus to help me get the right perspective and to be thankful for what I have already, In Jesus most precious name, Amen.


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