Who do I trust when bad things happens?

Reflections from Psalm 112

Do you get disheartened at all the bad news there seems to be in the world?

Some of the hardest and most difficult times are when bad news effects us personally. It might be a friend, relative or a close family member passing. This is when bad news really hits home and defines us.

This Psalm centres around v7, “They wont be afraid of bad news; their hearts are steady because they trust the Lord”

In our everyday business be of good character, be merciful and generous (v5)

be confident not because you’re better than anyone else but because you ultimately trust in the one who is eternal! (v8)

At the end of the day it matters who you trust in that brings us through the bad news of the season! And yes bad news happens there’s no getting away from it!

Who or what are you trusting in today? Is what we place our trust of lasting value? In other words when all else fails, bad news happens can we know security in that which we place our trust?!?

Consider the contrast in v9 & v10 – there is a marked difference between those who place their trust in the Living God because when bad things happen their hearts are at peace (v7) compare that to those who place their trust in temporary things or that of false gods it comes to nothing!

The well known phrase is so true:

Know God Know Peace
no God no Peace!


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