Caught in a rock and a hard place? | Psalm 114

Have you ever found yourself in a situation so alien to what you know?

Imagine for a moment Israel back in Egypt – oppressed, persecuted and enslaved!

Compare that to what God brought them into – freedom, plenty where God was their God and they were the envy of the surrounding nations! (v2)vv3-7: A picture of the surrounding nations dancing or running; It seems to me there is two responses to how people see you as a believer:

1. they run – hardened hearts, just not interested! have no acknowledgement for God
2. they enquire – like dancing with excitememt they want to know more – they fear God (have respect want to know the truth)

If you find your self between the two, it feels like a hard place to be – yet there is always hope! Pray that the God of heaven changes atmospheres, peoples hearts! v8, gives us hope, a rock to a place of refreshing! God is well able to refresh the hardest of hearts with his amazing love!


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