Are you too comfortable?

Acts 17:3-5

When you hear about Jesus, his life, the things he did and then his agonising death on the cross, how do you react?

There’s two responses in this passage to Paul’s message as he told people about Jesus!1. some joined
2. some were jealous

The gospel is truth whether you like it or not! Who Jesus said he was makes many feel uncomfortable for it turns upside down the status quo of how we’ve been going about life!

When you hear the gospel preached? When you hear about Jesus? The things he did and is still doing today! Does it make you feel uncomfortable?

Sure it should, but then don’t allow jealousy to rise up but instead enquire more – seek and learn more of who this Jesus is!

Jealousy just leads to sin, and further alienating oneself from a God who spent absolutely everything in sending Jesus to pull us out of this mess! And through Jesus to know we have a fresh start with God you – He desires and loves YOUR company!

Father God,
Thank you for all you’ve done to save me, sending your precious son, Jesus. Help me Lord not to get jealous of others, sorry Lord, but instead to earnestly seek the truth and to know you God for myself. From this day I ask you to help me to daily live for you and walk this life in away that brings joy to your heart. Fiill me with your Holy Spirit afresh that I may walk in your ways today. In Jesus name, Amen.



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