Devotion based on Numbers 30

When i consider this chapter it fills me with the beauty and praise for the wonderful providence of God’s grace!

The responsibility of the Father to be a covering and watchman for his Daughter.

The responsibility of a loving husband to be a covering for his wife?

When you read this pasage do you see your legal right or with grace and love?Seeing this from a legal perspective, a Father’s attitude would come across as “I am right you do what I say” or the attitude that you know whats best for your daughter and you lay the law down cause its your so called right! This kind of response fails to show a caring loving Father wanting the best for his daughter, but instead will most likely feed rebellious behaviour.

In contrast, seeing this through grace the Father’s attitude of “come lets reason together…. I desire the best for you…” The gracious Father doesnt impose his law but instead through expressing the love he has for his daughter desires to impart something of his perspective reasoning together what is best for his daughter. That his daughter makes a better informed decision and helping to make choices which are healthy.

Our father in heaven doesn’t lay the law down to us when we make mistakes, but instead shows us grace, patience and mercy waiting for us to return, come to our senses, like in the story of the prodigal son!

Today let grace not the letter of the law abound!


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