Rethink Life

On Sunday, 1st September, started with a walk to Church of almost 2 hours. Thankfully broken with a short bus ride for a third of the journey. It was worth it though, getting to Church on the corner of Hofner Avenue & S Conway Road.

It was a welcome break to get into a cool air-conditioned building after walking in the hot sun for an hour! The Church, called Felowship though just a few months ago changed its name to Rethink Life Church. Have to saupy really enjoyed Pastor Rodney’s message from Ro. 1:16 on the Gospel is something we need not be ashamed or even embarrased!

In a nutshell here are the three points – keys for not to be embarrased!


It’s good news for a reason! To really know the power of the gospel in our lives. 1 Jn. 5:13-14; 1 Cor. 15.
To rethink LIFE from this perspective:
L= love, to know just How much God loves YOU!
I= isolation, the damage of sin, feeling far away or isolated from God and others. Feelings of no purpose, lost hope.
F= forgiveness, there is freedom in knowing we can be forgiven, to know Father God wants us back because of Jesus, Jn 3:16
E= eternal life, our hope is not limited! But is eternal and effective NOW!
Throw of the old-self and be renewed, Eph. 4:22, phillippians 2:12-13. Work out your salvation. Live it, walk it out. When we walk out God does his part and works in!
It’s only good news if people hear it in time!with boldness, always be prepared for the reason for the hope that you have!
It is so true when you truly know something and own it as its yours, you are going to want to share it!
After church hanged out with a Shane in Starbucks, chatting about life, his rap, and have to say do checkmout his rap page, its really inspiring – keepin’ it real, find out more!

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