State of the Nation

Micah 1:12 (GNTD)

We are all looking for real hope!

However, how can a nation or people know real hope when in a state of rebellion from the true source of where hope comes from?

A consequence, of dissobedience or rebellion is disaster! It is not just that God punishes people for rebellion, but crap happens as a consequence of turning away!

The psalmist says, “where does my hope come from? …looking to the mountains… Hope is not found… My hope comes from the Lord” (own words based on Ps. 121:1-2)

It is all to easy to forget where real Hope comes from, we look to the wrong things and wonder why it is all going ‘pear-shaped’ and going horribly wrong! Instead take your eyes of things that dont give hope and instead look to the real source of where hope comes! The Lord!

What is the state of the nation? The state of your life right now? Are you troubled or lost hope? Today look to the true source of hope that is Father God who loves you very much! And only then will disasters and hardship fall into insignificance in the light of eternal Hope found in Christ!



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