So called ‘friends’?

real_friends_take_you_higher.JPGReflection on Job 22:22-23

When I consider Job I have to say there is much wise instruction contained within the book – even from Job’s so called ‘friends’!

v22-23; from Eliphaz in his third speech to Job, you can’t deny that these words are wise, to be reconciled with God, to accept His instruction, remove wickedness so that you will be built up! Yes it is good! However what is missing from these accounts?Do you have so called friends, or people that speak at you but really have no idea as to your personal situation nor have any heart to really want to know more?

It is like Eliphaz’ words, though seemingly wise had no context, no deep understanding of Job’s life – the kind of friends that just like to see you down and knock you down further!

Today, what kind of friend are you? Do you look on from afar and offer advice? Or are you willing to get under their skin, find out their perspective and if necessary stand with them in what they’re going through!?!

Or perhaps you have so called friends offering your advice with no awareness of your context? I once saw this quote from somewhere – “only accept critisim from people who will benefit from your sucess” consider that for a moment, if your friends want to see you genuinly succeed their critisim is not with a critical motive to tear down but build up!

Dear Lord,
help me today to be the person that understands people’s contexts rather than standing from afar and interjecting ‘useless words’ but instead speak words of life and encouragement.
In Jesus name, Amen.


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