News Update October 2013

What did you enjoy most about the summer months? Have to say that this year in Ireland we’ve had a super summer and definitely the best one I can remember since arriving on this beautiful Island of Ireland 4 years ago. Yes, I’m now entering my 5th year here from last month.

For me this summer has been a time of using my bicycle, (and still using it while evenings are relatively light) visiting a summer youth festival and finishing with a wonderful trip state-side, to Orlando, Florida for Momentum 2013 (Christian Music Broadcasters conference) and after road trip up to Wooster, Ohio passing through and stopping for a while in Savannah, GA. Columbia, SC and Charlotte, NC then to  Charleston, WV and then onto Ohio. See my pictures in my albums. Driving through some beautiful countryside and I made it my mission to visit starbucks everywhere I stopped 🙂 except didn’t make one in Columbia so gonna have to go back!

Now I am definitely into the Autumn, a new season with some new challenges. One of those challenges is trusting God that I will be able to get a decent car, yes one that will last more than 9 months, especially as Autumn and Winter closes in. It will also be such a help to get round visiting people that since not having a car I’ve found it difficult to do – just the time it takes getting anywhere on public transport and the bike.

As I go into the 5th year there are a number of things that I believe it’s now to focus on to develop:

  • Schools radio workshops
  • Spirit Radio outside broadcasts
  • Children’s ministry

Schools Radio workshops have been such a blessing to see young people from 15 – 16 engage in radio media, working in a team, researching and developing a short programme. This november I’ve been asked to lead a short taster workshop as part of DCAF (Dublin Christian Arts Festival). In addition the plan is to see the schools radio website birthed. Long term part of this vision is to develop the music label to see new young singer/songwriter talent released.

Spirit Radio continues to grow from strength to strenghth both in its programming and its reach. I am so excited to be part of this project. For me my next challenge is to see us get out into our growing broadcast areas with the ability to do outside broadcasts, events and workshops. It’s an area I would like to personally see funding raised for this. Please pray for me.

Children’s Ministry is another area on my heart at the church in Dun Loaghaire I am apart of. God continues to refine the vision and the way of doing ministry so that we get on the right foundation moving forward. My heart is that the Children’s ministry would be the foundation for a thriving youth ministry ’cause as we all know Kids they grow up!


I am so excited to report now that I am now debt free and so I feel I can now put into place the right structure for moving forward. In the next few months I hope to step out in faith by way of setting up as a business to facilitate funding the likes of the schools radio workshops project. Please do pray for me for wisdom in how to do this. If you’re interested in knowing more of this and becoming a partner/underwriter please do get in touch with me.

Finally, thank you so much for taking the time to read this update post! Do subscribe to my blog to get regular news and devotional updates.

God bless,



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