Psalms 116:1 – 15 (NET)

All of us desire to be valued by friends and family. Yet people do fail us, for no particular fault of their own, life gets busy much of the time. How do you know when friends truly value you? We can learn so much from the writer of this psalm who shows us a glimpse of how much God values us!

Firstly value has to be based on mutual appreciation of both paries. V1 the psalm opens with, “I love the Lord” and the key v. 15, “The Lord values… His faithful followers.”

So, to begin with what does it mean to be valued and to show value?

1. Continually show appreciation, express the appreciation in the relationship. Recognise each others needs.

2. Ask followed by listening. You really cant have one without the other. God is listening to us when we ask him (v2). Attentive Listening shows value, honour and respect.

3. Compassionate. To have and show compassion. To be there offering support. Just like God does (v5,6) especially when we so desperatly need him!

4. Rest. To know that in a relationship that expresses value, you are safe! Believe the best in each other. (V7) just like God does with you!

5. With Acts of Kindness! (V12) get this God is actually nice to you! Yes nice maybe sounds weak but ponder on it cause it will actually bring a smile to your face!

6. Be thankfull. (V17) thankfulness is one of the best epways to show value, especially with a smile and joyful heart!

7. Stay true. Honour what you say with actions. (V18) integrity is key in expressing value.

See how all these things and more in this psalm God expresses value to his faithful people!

Consider today how you may express value to Father God and to those around you?



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