Psalm 117

Have you heard the new song from Stephen Curtis Chapman, called “Love take over”?

What does it mean to be so taken over by God’s love?

One of my favourite images is that of; how many people satuate their fish and chips (or fries to our USA friends!) with ketchup – so much that I am surprised that anyone can taste the actual food underneath! But I for many it enhances and brings that sensation of delight!

Ok so imagine now being overcome with God’s love…

You see his overwhelming faithfulness.
You see his leading in your life.
Even in the ups and downs you see his perfect care keeping you company!

And your response? Well a contageous clapping, shouting with joy and expressing real Hope for now and the future!

Don’t know about you? But I want to know a love like that everyday. “love take me over” satuate, immerse me in God’s love that I may see and overcome every single onstacle and hardship I face – ’cause I see it in context of my eternal destination – Hallelujah!

That love is contageous!



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