6 Lessons in Humility

Luke 18 (NET)

What does humility mean? Can we see some keys to living in such away that enables God to move in us or hinders God’s move in us?

#1 (v. 7) Be persistant and constant seek God’s heart! So often we see God like the cruel judge in this parable, stingy, tight and not really interested in people! This is so far from the truth! Rhetorical question in v 7 – Won’t God give justice to his chosen ones… ? The answer is of course a massive YES! So often we are just satisfied with so little that God wants to give – it takes humilty on our part to be persistant and regularly seek God daily!

#2 (v 13) Be real, be honest with God! It really is no good pretending everything is fine when on the inside you’re crying out or portraying the image of being the perfect saint. God knows you warts and all, better than you know yourself. He desires to hear your inner most thoughts and feelings – try sharing those with him in prayers and receive his love.

#3 (v 16,17) Stop trying to work out God! when we become adults we try and interpret what God is doing when in actual fact we need to be like Children when it comes to trusting in a faithful God!

#4 (v 23) Throw off stuff that hinders! How easy is it to fill our lives with stuff! it’s like piling on a huge mountain that takes away from seeing God’s faithfulness in our lives. Remove the stuff, let God break in!

#5 (v 34) Revelation – at the end of the day, none of us really know the faithfulness of God in our lives without his revelation entering into our hearts. As you read scripture, pray ask the Holy Spirit to reveal His stuff to you!

#6 (v 42) Receive. Praise God for the things he is doing in your life! Let go and Let God, that takes humility, ’cause we have to admit we can’t do it on our own!


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