2 Chron. 4:1 – 5:1

How wonderful!
How marvelous!
Is the saviour’s love for me!

To be in God’s presence is marvel and wonder in itself!

Do you get the picture God is painting here of the temple built by King Solomon for God to dwell amongst his people? It surely had a WOW factor to locals and visitors!

Everything right, in its right place and just so. It’s done and ready for the holy things to be brought in – The Ark of the convenant.

In Christ, it’s not an magnificent temple Father God dwells here on earth but that of His people! His people have the WOW factor that is how we should live is it not?!?

Consider the perfection of the temple place, the wonder, the magnificent as it shouts the majesty of God to the nations!

Now, today Church if we have the HOLY Spirit living and dwelling in us – together we declare forth his magnificance, his beauty, his wonder to the nations! That people go WOW when they see his Church ’cause its where God dwells!

It is why God calls his people, … a royal priesthood, a holy nation… a people belonging to God.

Shine through me today Lord, that I may be a vessel for your glory standing together with your church! Made holy because of the blood of Jesus shed on the cross.


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