Blessed to be a blessing

Deut 24 v 5 & 19

Some great biblical principles here on how to live right. Just a couple that jump out to me that its good to reflect on:

1. Starting a family, newly weds – (v5) It is good and pleasing to the Lord but also for the well being of your new marriage and life together – to take time-out and ensure you grow together as a new family unit. To cherish one-another. I hear so many couples who have just got married go straight back to all their ministry engagements as if nothing has changed, and the strain that puts on the relationship is detrimental to a life-time marriage. Interesting to note here that God makes it clear in his word the importance of taking time-out. Perhaps this is where in modern life we give maternity leave for both the wife and husband, but should we not allow newly wed leave – or if you’re an employer and you have newly weds, ensure they don’t spend all their time in the office or factory floor but go home at sensible times to be with their wife or husband!!

2. Reaping the harvest and leaving what’s left for the poor to gather. (v19) Blessed to be a blessing. You are prosperous not for your own ends but to be a blessing! Not so many of us are farmers, but the principle remains that as the Lord blesses your work, gives you more than you need, Maybe the challenge today is to give away the unuesed portion of your budget to the poor, rather than that extra thing you wanted to buy for yourself!

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