By faith, not by law…

Thanks to Holly Starr for sharing this picture!

Salvation has always been by faith and never by law. Abraham received the promise by faith.

In Pauls letter to the Galatians (3: 10-24) he writes that the law as a guardian for the people of God to “…keep a sinful people in the way of salvation until Christ came, …” (MSG)

Lets consider what this means for awhile, by looking at something of a comparison between law and grace:-

Firstly, what does law do?
– awareness of keeping safe
– tells us how to live in peace
– fear of transgressing
– punishes or consequences of disobedience
– black and white, knowing what is right and wrong (moral compas)
– lets us know are failures & shortcomings
– second hand encounter with God

Secondly, what does grace in Christ offer?
– forgiveness for sin at the cross
– first hand encounter with God
– law as relationship written on our hearts
– right and wrong becomes a joy of desire to live out of a relationship to bring joy to Father’s heart.
– Christ took on our punishment for our transgression upon himself at the cross

In conclusion, in Christ we no longer live under the burden of Law, but instead through relationship with Father God made possible through Christ Jesus and it is because of this relationship written on our hearts our response is not living by obedience to the law but that of obedience to the relationship we have with Father God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Live it! Perhaps today you have been living under law rather than relationship. Go and re read John 3:16, it is out of the immense love that God has for you he draws you to him, see also 1 John 3:1.


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