Dangers of Celebrity culture

I love reading in this chapter the amazing things that Jesus did, and how this chapter sets the tone for Christ’s ministry on earth and people’s response.

Would you not expect after all the amazing things Jesus did that surely people would believe and follow him! But no, his fame spread there was hysteria everywhere he went people came from everywhere to see this man Jesus and see what he does and get ‘what’s in it for me’!

Does this sound familiar? Well it should! Today we live in a world fascinated with celebrity culture. People here of some miracle-working evangelist or prophetic speaker and run to him for healing or a word! Even by those who follow the Lord closely.

Look at vv 51-52; just after all those amazing things happened, Jesus walked on water to them out in the boat during a storm of some kind, and as soon as he got into the boat they were first terrified, but get this they were bewildered, stunned, shaking their heads (MSG) or just didn’t understand (NIV) why? because even after all these miracles and things Jesus has done – end of v52; ‘none of this had yet penetrated their hearts’.

Yes, signs and wonders are good, they show something of the kingdom of heaven on earth, but not so that people can run to the next celebrity preacher or prophetic meeting, but so that there is an opportunity for the Gospel to be explained to them, that they may truly believe in their hearts.

Is this not why, Jesus often said after he healed people, don’t go talk about it to everyone, but go present yourself to the priest – in other words perhaps Jesus is saying get confirmation get wise understanding perhaps, and first and go worship God for yourself giving thanks to what he has done in your life! And let what God is doing go deep into your heart as it’s not merely about external things but what is going on in the inside which brings about transformation.

Jesus is after transformation not merely an external show. Let your life be changed from the inside out – go to him. Be transformed!

How we respond to Jesus ministry on earth, whether it’s through seeing miracles or having the miraculous at work in our life in one of two ways?

1. amazed but bewildered, and don’t even try to get answers – fails to penetrate the heart leads to  hardened heart


2. amazed and a want to hear more of what Jesus has done for me – get understanding, heart response > transformation

Where are you?

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