I’ve been back from Orlando just about 3 weeks. It was certainly a good relaxing and refreshing time starting with CMB Momentum and then chilling out for the rest of the time in St. Augustine, Florida – America’s oldest city!

Momentum & Florida 2014

Old school house, St Augustine
Old school house, St Augustine, FL

A highlight for me at momentum is always the Acoustic Cafe which features a number of artists on stage performing together each others’ songs, with a real heart to worship together as well – it’s always a highlight for me. This year Acoustic cafe included, Meredith Andrews, Matt Maher, Tiffany Arbuckle, Phill Wickham and Jeremy Camp. Always good to see so many top singer/songwriters sharing the stage together and some stories behind their songs.

After Momentum I hit the road ended up driving to america’s oldest city of St. Augustine. A beautiful city which (apart from being super humid and hot) would’ve been somewhere in europe! Loved the history here the streets, the old school-house, even a castle!

Shooting up the coast for a day to Jacksonville and visiting IHOP JAX (international house of prayer) for a refreshing time of worship and teaching.

If you’d like to browse my pics check out my photo stream here.

Richie with Lauren Daigle at Momentum
Richie with Lauren Daigle at Momentum 2014

5 years in Ireland

At the end of August I have just completed being in Ireland for 5 years. How many more years will I be here? Well, I couldn’t say for sure, but one thing I do know is Ireland is where I’m meant to be, until the Lord moves me on! I came to Ireland originally as part of Spirit Radio and help with seeing this national christian radio station launch and continue through looking after operations, as well as doing fill in shows from time to time – Yes! I’m the Spirit Radio POP-UP DJ!

It has also been a real joy to be part of a local church here in Ireland. It has been a real privilege to have found a church family that I feel apart of, and a real joy to be in the privaledged  position to engage with the children’s ministry to see this ministry on the right foundation as we move forward to develop ministry across all ages.

Since coming back from hols, I have had a real sense from the Lord to restructure my time, considering I’m contracted to give Spirit Radio 30 hours per week, and with the 10 hours spare (of a typical 40 hour working week) I give this to church ministry work. Why? Really because the only really way of seeing vision becoming a reality is to give quality time! Children & Youth ministry I don’t think I’ll ever grow out off somehow, and especially the need to pass on to the next generation to run further, harder and faster than I ever have! In reality I would love to give more time to church ministry to see things develop, like a KKI Wildfire team here in Ireland (though I’m sure we’d come up with our own name!)

Connecting & Networking

One of my passions has always been to connect with like-minded ministries. I’ve never been one to connect with just one as I so enjoy multi-connections (is that a word, is now!) the obvious connection for me is of course YWAM KKI a ministry I’ve been involved with for the last 25 years and whose values have become very much part of my DNA. I also value my connections with Urban Saints Ireland and ICY (International Christian Youth Works) as well as people working in children & youth ministry – all of which helps me both focus, keeps me accountable and motivated for the gospel! Not only that but I have enjoyed connecting and networking with many ministries across Ireland and really hope that I can do this more.

Coming up…

20 – 24 November – KKI Europe gathering in Barcelona; looking forward to meeting ol’ friends and introducing new people from Ireland to KKI.

November – The church, I’ve been apart of for the last 4 years, moves to Bray, we take up residence in an old Church of Ireland building, recently refurbished inside by a parting ministry. So excited to be able to birth and develop new things for His kingdom here in Bray, Ireland.

January – I’m looking at starting an MA here in Ireland, so prayers needed! Just feels the right time to do more exercise of brain matter and sink my teeth into some issues really on my heart.

Mandissa rocked out Momentum on the last day!
Mandissa rocked out Momentum on the last day!

Spirit Radio

It is such a joy being involved in Christian radio here in Ireland. Whenever, I visit new places here in Ireland quite often people will say to me, “your voice is familiar!” and then they connect my face to the radio! Well people have often said I have a face for radio haha! Anyways it continues to grow from strength to strength, funding continues to be the biggest challenge yet God always provides. We will soon be switching on a new transmitter soon to cover Newbridge/Naas. What a privilege it is to be part of Ireland’s national christian radio station. Hearing the reports regularly of how it has changed lives.

That’s it for now on my news update. thanks for reading and please subscribe to my blog for regular updates or follow me on twitter.


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