To be Continued: Cliff hanger moment!

1 Samuel 31

It feels like an anti climax, you know where on the one hand God has won with Saul being dead making way for the new but on the other we see the enemy taking over and mocking in these circumstances of change.

It reminds me of watching an epic drama on TV only to get to the end where it finishes with a cliff hanger and the words come up on the screen “To be Continued” and you’re we’ll aware there is more to the story!

So in the last chapter of 1 Samuel it feels a bit like that, King Saul is dead, so it should be good news right?!? but we see the Philistines take over, taunt Israel and take over some cities – you know the story is not over yet, but imagine yourself back in time, how would you feel?

it leads me to the last verse, and an answer to when we find ourselves in a period of transition or major change, from old to the new!

There is turmoil all around, victory is almost yours but not quite sure so what do you do. Interesting to note in the last verse of the chapter, they went away and fasted for 7 days.

Are you in a cliff-hanger moment? Waiting for the conclusion of “To be continued” what do we do in that moment?
1. Don’t give in! Wait!
2. Retreat into the source – fast and pray
3. Trust the Lord for His direction and leading (we know in the story of Samuel that King David, a new hope for Israel, is waiting in the wings)

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