Is it a struggle sometimes to live your best? To live the way God intended for us?

To the church in Laodicia Jesus rebukes their indifference and lets explore that a bit more…

Hot or cold?

There is so much in life that distracts us from relationship with God that it can easily cause us to stand still or even worse cause of our own self-made riches or satisfaction we dont need nothing from anyone else – or rather our pride and ego says so!

What is the Lord’s councel?

V18 – its where we get our riches from and our ultimate satisfaction in life. Remember in the gospel it says “store up for yourselves treasure in heaven… …neither rust will destroy.” Here Jesus is calling us back to be centred on Him for life’s resources!

V19 – love how the message puts it, it is out of love for you and me, Jesus calls us to account, he prods us so that we, “live at our best. … To run after God!”

And then the invitation comes from v. 20 with the picture of the door of our hearts and Jesus knocking longing to come in.

I wonder though how often we let Jesus in and instead allow the distractions to enter in instead!?!

Jesus will never force himself and like the famous picture the handle is on the inside so we have to open the door!

But so often pride and our ego gets in the way and interestingly v. 20 starts with “look at me…” I think sometimes we physically have to look and see Jesus knocking on our heart – we dont hear cause of our distractions, our ego or our pride.

And the promise when we let Jesus in, he is with us and fullt wants to be involved in our lives!

Receive his invitation today!

Dear Father God,
Thank you that you love me and know myself better than myself. You have always been faithful to me even despite my unfaithfulness. Help me today to not get distracted by the things of life that crowd you out and instead to let you in. I need you in my life lead me by your Holy Spirit to go the places you direct me to. In Jesus precious name, amen.



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