Scripture reflection on 2 Cor. 9:6-8

When you see a need do we feel guilty and put our hands in our pockets, and give loose change out of a compulsion to relieve guilt?

Yet the Lord desires us to gIve out of compassion to what the Lord puts on our heart, not because we respond from a guilt based on mere external circumstances. Instead let the Holy Spirit convict you where you should give and do it with joy & thanksgiving!

Today, we are bombarded, with needs. You’ve perhaps gone past the street-collectors or a homeless person asking for money. Yet it is the difference between acting out of compassion or from impulse which tends to come out of guilt

How do we overcome these feelings?

I believe the key is in these verses, is we need to pray, through asking the Holy Spirit to help us in:
1. What to decide in your heart of where you give, whether to church, missions or other worthy cause.
2. And then to be committed in your giving and give thoughtfully & prayerfully so as to how you may sow into that which the Lord is revealing to you.
3. Then decide how much you give to these causes, of your income even your time!
4. Always keep joyful and interested in what you are giving into, you are sowing into God’s Kingdom whether its with your money, or your time.
5. Expect God to bless you, and that of which you are sowing into and then see how the Lord blesses your own involvement!


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