Time-out in Portugal

It’s been 20 years since I first came to Portugal to co-lead my first international outreach team between the UK & Portugal and it’s so good to catch up with some of those youth from 20 years ago, now grown up with young families! People tell me I still look the same even though everyone around me looks so grown up now!

It was lovely to stay in Sintra, a beautiful and historical part of Portugal and very green!

Got to visit Cascais a beautiful coastal town about 20 minutes from Sintra, though if you take the bus from Sintra which takes you a scenic route via the most western point of europe (Cabo Da Roca) well worth the bus journey and a nice tour of the coast. Cascais has real character in the old town with it’s cobbled shopping streets down to the coast, and beach coves. I visited Cascais twice and had a coffee in the beach cafe 🙂

Visiting the church in Lisbon, Comunidade Cristã de Lisboa a perhaps unusual congregation, young born out of King’s Kids YWAM ministry most of the community I’d say were under 30. The building beautifully welcoming with a coffee area in the front, and communial area for the services had sofa’s – love it! God is really blessing the fellowship and I know God is raising up young leaders and new expressions of Church in portugal!

If you’d like to see my pictures then I’ve shared them publicly on iCloud – here.

It’s been refreshing to get away on this short trip, and it was a good time to reflect, relax and refocus. During my time I started reading Wiki Church by Steve Murrell, well worth reading if you are involved in anyway discipling it will totally help you to re-examine how we do discipleship.

Moving forward from summer to autumn. A fresh focus on developing Youth Work Connect for the european youth ministry network, developing a discipleship focused children and youth initiative calling out a Daniel Generation. To help with this focus I believe the MA will sharpen my focus as I seek to develop new initiatives.

Please pray with me as I seek to set up Youth Work Connect as a business here in Ireland, raise support to enable me to focus to a greater extent on what God is calling me too along side Spirit Radio. Also please pray for wisdom that I may know what to pick up and what to leave or delegate, there is so much buzzing around my head and focus is the key.

See my diary for Autumn line up




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