Living an enriched life

1431879-1441096214930_640x640Paul’s letter to the Corinthians (1 Cor 1) gives us some real practical advice for Christian living.
I’m sure many of us in getting caught up in life’s business, we allow ourselves to get distracted by not just church politics but the personalities of those in leadership over us.

What do I mean? We live in an age which tends to put the celebrity on a pedestal, an age which puts good bible teachers above the rest of us. It’s all too easy to fall into the personality trap, to get distracted from how God desires to fully enrich our lives!

Look at Corinthians: They seem to be arguing amongst themselves, all be it behind the scenes (vv10-12) – perhaps they couldn’t agree which one of their leaders they should follow!?! The danger here is these divisions can be a real distraction to our own walk with Christ, an enriching, satisfying, life-giving walk!

We can learn some lessons here from Paul regarding our own walk with Christ:

  1. Be Thankful: Firstly he reminded them to, Always thank God (v4) because in Christ they have been enriched and only in Christ!
  2. Be Sanctified: That’s not a religious term or something to even strive for, but a natural consequence of walking out our life with Christ! When our focus is fundamentally on our own walk with Christ! We look to the cross which to those “being saved is the power of God” (v. 18) notice the tense here, it’s present continuous, Paul is talking about the process of being sanctified, also in v6-9, “He will keep you strong to the end, so that you will be blameless on the day of our Lord…” again looking ahead to that future hope, yet its in the here and now! No one else is going to work out your walk with Christ for you, you need to do it.
  3. Chosen for now: God choose who? (vv20-31) Sometimes we have to go back to and remember the day God first called us to himself through Jesus Christ. It does n’t cause of your status or your achievements but total unadulterated Grace!
  4. Lastly, Be encouraged to live daily in a way that enriches your walk with Christ. Don’t get distracted by earthly standards. Status, yes even in church, wanting to be noticed, even the need to be loved by a girl or boyfriend – can be a distraction to running after the things of God. These distractions only get us off-track and if not dealt with can cause division and cause us to separate ourselves from His body.

Consider today what is it distracting me from living an enriched life?
Is it relationships?
Am I putting my leaders on a pedestal?
Have I lost my first love?

Take some time to repent and say sorry for these distractions. Get back on track with your walk with Christ – and start boasting not in your earthly circumstance but in the things of God! (v31)

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